Travel Grant Award to NSF CMMI Conference

Justin Ruths was awarded a travel grant to attend the NSF CMMI Conference in Atlanta. Justin presented a poster on his research. The conference included a variety of topics from grant writing to technical posters.

J. Chem. Phys – Multidimensional Pseudospectral Method

Justin Ruths lead authors a paper describing the technical details and practical implementation of the multidimensional pseudospectral method for optimal ensemble control problems.  We specifically look at several important problems in quantum control and show the robustness and effectiveness of the method.

PNAS – A Unified Method for Quantum Pulse Design

In collaboration with Gerhard Wagner group at the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Li and Justin Ruths present their new computational method for solving challenging pulse design problems in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and imaging (MRI).  The paper describes a systematic way to mathematically characterize and then numerically solve these problems. The experiments provided by Wagner’s [...]

Phys. Rev. A – Frictionless Atom Cooling

Dionisis Stefanatos lead authors the accepted paper in Physical Review A regarding a time optimal approach to solving the problem of frictionless atom cooling in harmonic traps.  In this work we permit the trap frequency to take on imaginary values for transient time intervals, which leads to a modified formulation and solution of this problem.  [...]

3rd Place in MAGEEP Sustainability Video Contest

PhD student Justin Ruths received 3rd place in the international Green Your Campus video competition sponsored by the 3rd MAGEEP Symposium on Global Energy Future. Watch the video, which promotes sustainability awareness by using popular technologies like Twitter.

ESE Green Hall Groundbreaking

Today at the groundbreaking ceremony for Green Hall, the new home of the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department, Justin Ruths spoke as the student representative from the department. A majority of the funds supplied for the building project were supplied by Preston Green, and alumnus of the department. For more information and a video of [...]

JCP Paper Publication

Prof. Jr-Shin Li, Justin Ruths, and collaborator Dionisis Stephanos published a paper in the Journal of Chemical Physics on the topic of applying pseudospectral methods to optimal control problems in open quantum systems. Visit our publications to find out more.

AFOSR Grant Awarded

Read more at the AFOSR news:

Prof. Jr-Shin Li Joins DBBS

Dr. Li joins the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) as a faculty member in the Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics Programs.


Dr. Li was selected to receive one of the prestigious NSF CAREER awards for his contributions in both research and education.